Welcome to the Bakersfield Burrito Project’s place on the Internet.

The Bakersfield Burrito Project is a nonprofit that feeds the hungry and homeless every Sunday a burrito made from fresh ingredients, and we try to add snacks a bottle of water to what we distribute. Wesley United Methodist Church generously allows us to use the kitchen in their community center, where we create the burritos from fresh ingredients. Dedicated volunteers roll, and package about 250 burritos in approximately half an hour. Then the volunteers pack the burritos into insulated containers to keep the burritos piping hot until we deliver them into the community.

We have other groups, like Food Not Bombs and Dalians Helping Homeless Dalians, pick up a number of the burritos and deliver them into their communities. The remaining burritos we take to Millcreek Church and distribute food to 30-50 people in the church parking lot. Afterwards, we deliver burritos and snacks to other areas within Downtown Bakersfield where we know there are pockets of homelessness and hunger.



More than anything, we have fun doing what we do! Every Sunday, there are lots of laughs, and joking around. The light attitude comes from knowing we are doing something good for the community without attaching strings to the things we give. We don’t ask our recipients to pray, to sing, or do any other song or dance. We expect nothing in return for the food we distribute. Even though we have many churches helping us, we are a secular group welcoming anyone to join us.

Feel free to contact us!

Office: 930 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 110, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Our office hours are from 11am to pm, Monday through Friday
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BakoBurrito
Email: bakoburritoproject(atsign)gmail.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BakoBurrito

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We have received two gift baskets for our Opportunity Drawing that will be held July 9th. Tickets go on sale now. Come to the Bakersfield Burrito Project office and get your tickets. Each ticket costs a dollar.


In the picture above, there is a movie basket worth $30. There is also a doggie gift basket worth $25.


Front Porch Music donated a ukulele! Get ready to sing “Tip Toe Through the Tulips!”


Keep checking back to this web page. There will be more items added as they are collected!

One of our volunteers, Wendy Harrison’s mother, made doggie gift bags for our homeless friends. We’re going to hand these out to our homeless doggie friends during our event.



Thank you so much for your donation! We’re going to have some happy doggies out there!




Bakersfield Burrito Project will be at Blaze Pizza to fundraise for our Seventh Anniversary Event! Come out and grab a pie (or two, or three) for a good cause. Print a copy of this flyer or show it on your phone and bring it in for a portion of your purchase to be donated to the Bakersfield Burrito Project.

Come hang out with the Bakersfield Burrito Project!

Blaze Pizza – Bakersfield
3900 California Avenue, Bakersfield CA 93309
June 29, 2016
5 – 10pm
20% of your purchase will go to the Bakersfield Burrito Project.



Here’s a PDF of the flier: BlazePizzaNight6.29.16

The Bakersfield Burrito Project is proud to announce Walk-In Wednesdays!

We encourage our homeless and hungry friends to come to the office to collect whatever items they may need. We have clothes, hygiene items, some raw foods, and purses for the ladies filled with essential hygiene products. Feel free to make copies of documents, grab a cup of coffee, play some putt-putt golf.

Come to Bakersfield Burrito Project’s office at 930 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 110, Bakersfield Ca. We’re across the street from Rabobank Arena on the corner of Truxtun and O Street.

We limit our giveaways to a bag of clothes, a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste, a set of hotel soaps, and whatever food we might have on hand. We can only supply a total of 10 copies of whatever documents needed. We can only give one purse per person. We kindly ask to limit the things one takes so that others in need can also take advantage of the things that were generously donated.

Here are two of our volunteers, Ms. Vivian and Marc, walking to an undisclosed location where the homeless camp. They have the insulated bag of burritos and are searching for hungry people. We love our dedicated volunteers!


We love it when the Girl Scouts bake cupcakes for us and our homeless friends. They donated 250 cupcakes to make sure everyone got a sweet treat on this Sunday. That you so much to the Girl Scouts!










Contact Information:
Belinda Lopez, Founder, CEO
(661) 412-2568

Bakersfield Burrito Project announces its upcoming annual event, the Christmas Morning Burrito Outreach. We will be at Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame, 2230 Q Street. Set up starts at 9am, the event begins at 10am and will last until noon, and cleanup will be over at 1pm.

First and foremost, we would like to thank the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame and Karen Goh for making this last minute venue available. Thank you so much for your generosity and help with making this event a success.

This Christmas, we hope to make the homeless and indigent’s holiday merrier with warm and tasty burritos, as well as supplies we have collected through the year. There will be hygiene kits, clothes for everyone of all ages, toys for children in attendance, as well as friendly and welcoming faces to lend care and support. First come, first serve, since donations are limited.

We expect over two hundred people to attend, so this should be big!

The press is invited and encouraged to interview CEO Belinda, Board Members, or volunteers.

Bakersfield Burrito Project also humbly requests as many items we can collect. Gently used clothes, toys, and items for our hygiene kits are all welcome donations. Items can be delivered to our office at 930 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 110, Bakersfield CA 93301 between 9am until 4pm every day Monday through Thursday; if no one is there, donations can be placed outside our door and they will be collected. Donations can also be delivered to the location on Christmas.

Thank you so much for your consideration and we look forward to seeing the local press, friends and supporters.

We want to thank all the students that volunteered their time with the Bakersfield Burrito Project. There were so many good young adults in this batch of seniors, we have high hopes for the future. Thanks so much for your time with us, and we look forward to seeing your inevitable successes!