Bakersfield Burrito Project in the News

The local press was out in force today to cover Bakersfield Burrito Project getting back into putting burritos into the hands of the homeless and hungry.

Check out Channel 23’s coverage:

Here’s a direct link to Channel 23 news web site:

And here’s Channel 17 News coverage:

Bakersfield Californian Article from September 2, 2013
Bakersfield Californian Article from September 2, 2013

And here’s a link to the Bakersfield Californian’s web site with more pictures:


Bakersfield Burrito Project’s Anniversary from 2010

CSUB Cheerleaders help BBP in a sock drive

KBAK covers Bakersfield Burrito Project’s Biggest Burrito

Getting married for beans and the Bakersfield Burrito Project

KBAK covers Bakersfield Burrito Project and the Avon Ladies

MAS Magazine 2009

Beautiful Bakersfield awards 2010, Nomination for  Humanitarian — Individual

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March 30, 2015
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