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Bakersfield Burrito Project Craft Fair

Craft Fair Image

Bakersfield Burrito Project Craft Fair!
August 13, 2016
930 Truxtun Avenue in the back parking lot


The artistic people at Bakersfield Burrito Project has already started creating items for the sale. You can find the following items at the fair. (Plus a whole lot more!)

13662553_1280996878601978_997588191_o 13663421_1280996888601977_1584708927_o 13663575_1280988125269520_1306041649_o (1) 13663575_1280988125269520_1306041649_o 13663613_1280997035268629_624815322_o 13898504_1280996971935302_646976393_o 13898632_1280996995268633_1012440078_o 13901723_1280996908601975_770195468_o 13901893_1280996851935314_1743212976_o 13902184_1280997068601959_1470066951_o 13918446_1280996928601973_301446704_o 13918866_1280997018601964_438310134_o

All photos by Patty Sanchez

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