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Community Service for High School Students

Yay! It’s high school students civics community service time again! We love our high school students that come in and volunteer their time to help the hungry and homeless, glad to see new faces and hope to inspire new people to become active in their communities.

Bakersfield Burrito Project and Centennial High has been working together for four years now, as well as other programs from other high schools around the Kern High School District. We hope this information helps save time for students with the following questions we get asked every year.

What is the Bakersfield Burrito Project and what do you do?
The Bakersfield Burrito Project makes fresh, hot burrito lunches for the hungry and homeless of Bakersfield, and distributes them every Sunday to our community in need.

Is there any special training that we need to do before volunteering?
Yes. All volunteers are required a 45 minute orientation. This has Health Department required information, as well as explaining the assembly line process the Bakersfield Burrito Project does to whip 190-250 burritos out in about 30-45 minutes. After orientation you sign up for upcoming Sundays that have spaces available.

Where do we meet?
We meet in the community kitchen in the center of Wesley United Methodist Church campus, on the corner of Niles and Oswell. Come very hungry! We feed all our volunteers a multi-course breakfast before work. Arrive at 11am to eat, chat, have some fun, and work begins around noon. A surprise Loteria game has been known to break out with prizes to the winners.

Who is my immediate supervisor?
Belinda Rickett is the big boss and is at the kitchen every Sunday. Anna Rinaldi is the orientation supervisor, and will be giving orientation if she is available on that particular Sunday.

What kind of work will I be doing?
Primarily, you will be working in a kitchen, so learning how to make burrito filling, food handling, and burrito rolling. If you’ve never rolled a burrito before, you’ll learn, and by the end of your community service, you’ll be able to roll burritos in your sleep. We also have office work to do, so if you’re interested in filing, data processing, organizing, that is available. We encourage the food handling and distributing to the hungry for the full experience.

What are the hours and will I be able to complete them before [due date]?
Orientation day takes about 45 minutes, and you get credit for attending. Every following Sunday is two hours. After three consecutive Sundays, you are able to go to the distribution point to hand out burritos to those who are in need, which will complete your hours. If scheduling becomes a problem, we do have other activities to get the hours you need to complete the project. Bring the paper you school gives you to track your hours to every Sunday, and one of our board members will document your hours. Don’t worry: we also take lots of pictures and post them on our Facebook page that you can copy so you can complete the presentation side of your project.

If you have any other further questions, they will be answered during your orientation. Come on out and have some fun with the Bakersfield Burrito Project!

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