Welcome to the Bakersfield Burrito Project

Welcome to Bakersfield Burrito Project’s Internet


The Bakersfield Burrito Project has been serving the community of Bakersfield, California since 2009. Every Sunday, without fail, our volunteers create fresh burritos from raw ingredients and package them.




Other groups come to the community kitchen at Wesley United Methodist Church, collect the fresh burritos and deliver them into their communities within Bakersfield.

Loading up insulated bags to keep the food piping hot, we take the remaining burritos, snack foods, bottled water, and any other foodstuff we collect, and distribute it to locations of homeless and hungry, visiting homeless camps, pockets of indigence, and pre-established sites to distribute a hot meal for those in need.


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Bakersfield Burrito Project
930 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 110
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Fax: 661-320-4914

bakoburritoproject [atsign] gmail [dot] com


2017 Beautiful Bakersfield Award Winner

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