Wish List

Every week we need the following for Bakersfield Burrito Project’s Sundays

Cheese (Any flavor, amount, and style. Block cheese can be shredded at the kitchen.)
Pre-packaged Snack Foods (like chips, crackers, cookies)
Bottled Water

Snacks BottledWater CheddarCheese

We need the following items less often

Bags of dry rice (Any flavor and size)
Bags of dry pinto beans (Any size)

(Please contact us before making a donation, since storage of these items can become problematic.)

BagofBeans BagofRice

We consistently need the following

Monetary donations to keep the office doors open, liability insurance in place, Internet and phones working, and Fax services operating
Office supplies (copy paper, paper clips, staples)

01-cash-fan office supplies

Please contact us if you would like to arrange to make a donation.